Revolutionary IoT Data-Driven Irrigation

Rule-based irrigation

Providing automated and self-adjustable irrigation, operating autonomously based on preset rules and environmental conditions

AgrIOT Smart Irrigation Manager saves users time and money and will maintain optimum watering conditions for crop development and plant health.

Flexible configuration

Users can extend their system at any time by adding wireless sensors and smart controllers in their fields

AgrIOT Smart Irrigation Manager supports various IoT sensors and actuators from many vendors to provide optimum irrigation decision support.

Intuitive convenient use

Very low learning curve, easy to use, and easy to access application

Users feel right at home at AgrIOT Smart Irrigation Manager using the intuitive and easy to understand smart phone app and web application.

What Are Your Benefits

Water use efficiency

Improve irrigation water use efficiency and increase plant, crop, and soil health (avoid over and under irrigation and flushing nutrients from soil).

Saving water and energy bills

Reduce the water bills by saving water and avoid unnecessary energy consumption by running during off-peak hours.

Wireless sensors and controllers

Enabling wireless IoT sensors and controllers, no long and rigid signalling lines are needed; these easily break and are require costly installation.

Remote access and operation

Allowing users to control irrigation systems from anywhere via a smartphone or computer enabling timely adjustments without being presence in the field.

Performance and health monitoring
Monitor the performance and health of the irrigation system and equipment by adding a wide range of other sensors:
  • Water and flow meters – Measure flow rate, irrigation volume, and detect leakages
  • Pressure sensors – Detect pressure drops caused by malfunctioning pump or valves
  • Level sensors – Detect empty water reservoir to prevent overburden pumps
  • Water quality sensor – Monitor the chemical water compounds (e.g. fertilizers, salinity, pollution)
  • Pump power monitor – Adjust pump setting and monitor pump health
  • And many more…
Pre-emptive maintenance
Pre-emptive maintenance programs can be developed:
  • Clean or repair equipment before they break resulting in expensive replacements
  • Prevents collateral damage and costs, like drowning of plants due to leakages or pumps running dry
Increase maintenance effectiveness

Maintenance personnel can be directed to specific equipment requiring maintenance or inspection if and when needed Instead of regular and labour-intensive inspection rounds.

The Product

Smart Farm Sensing’s AgrIOT Smart Irrigation Manager revolutionizes irrigation practices. Our cutting-edge software application paves the way for a new era in agriculture. Irrigation becomes a seamlessly automated AI enabled process tailored to the specific needs of landscape or crops.

  • Precise control, adaptability, and data-driven insights
  • Significant long-term cost savings in water bills, healthier plants, reduced maintenance costs, and energy savings
  • Promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly water usage

AgrIOT Smart Irrigation Manager is available as web-app and as mobile app from App Store and Play Store. Wireless IoT sensors and irrigation control hardware depends on site conditions. In many cases wireless valve control can be retrofitted on existing irrigation installation, saving cost and installation effort.

Key Features

IoT Data-Driven Precision
  • Monitor weather conditions, soil moisture, evaporation, and plant water use in real-time
  • Automatic adjustment of irrigation programs to adapt to the actual conditions of each irrigation zone
Enhanced Water Use Efficiency
  • Deliver the precise amount of water needed at the right time, optimizing water use efficiency
  • Prevent over and under irrigation, promoting plant, crop, and soil health
Operational Advantages
  • Ideal for water-scarce regions – optimize water use without the need for lengthy and costly installation of signalling lines
  • Wireless design eliminates the risk of signal line breakages
Comprehensive IoT Sensor Integration
  • Environmental sensors to monitor weather parameters (temperature, rain, humidity, solar radiation, wind) and soil conditions (volumetric water content, water potential, salinity, temperature)
  • Additional sensors ensure the overall performance and health of the irrigation system
Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Leverage sensor data for pre-emptive maintenance, reducing the risk of equipment failure
  • Optimize maintenance efforts, directing personnel to specific equipment when needed
Customizable Rule-Engine
  • Tailor irrigation rules to your specific requirements, whether based on user preferences, environmental feedback, or system status
  • Prioritize rules, manage exclusions, and ensure optimal system performance.

The Climate Drought Challenge

Climate change has brought new challenges to farmers and landscapers. Where seasonal rainfall traditionally used to be sufficient, we now see increasing periods of drought during the most important months of the growing season. Only recently in Europe, the 2022 spring and summer were drier than average, contributing to drought conditions that occurred across the continent.

Without proper irrigation to compensate for the precipitation shortage, plants and crops will experience severe water stress during their growth stage. So, water stress during the plant’s high-growth period must be avoided as it reduces plant health and crop yield (and thus farm income!).

With customers all over the world, and many of them in arid and semi-arid areas, Smart Farm Sensing has many years of knowledge and experience to help farmers and landscapers in dealing with climate challenges and improve crop yield and plant health under adverse climate conditions.


Desert Deficit Irrigation – Dr. Abdelhadi Abdelwahab, Sultan Qaboos Chair for Desert Agriculture, Arabian Gulf University, retrofitted for his latest desert farming deficit irrigation project the conventional time-based irrigation system with a fully automated AgrIOT Smart Irrigation Manager, resulting in significant water savings. “With conventional time-based programming irrigation that we used it was difficult to obtain the actual water volume applied.”

6,000 m3 annual water savings – At Swiss ornamental tree nursery Baumschulen Rusterholz AG our retrofitted AgrIOT Smart Irrigation Manager resulted in an annual 6,000 m3 water savings (approx. 16,000 EUR/year), and better plant growth with up to 30% more yield with less resources.

ADAFSA Strategic Partnership Award – During the Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition (ADIFE) in November 2023 Smart Farm Sensing has been awarded by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) as strategic partner in recognition of the shared and effective achievements between both parties.

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